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Enhanced Capacity Advancement Program (ECAP)


The Enhanced Capacity Advancement Program (ECAP) provides multi-year funding for up to three years to Alberta-based capacity building non-profit organizations. Funding is intended to help organizations improve and strengthen internal operations and the broader non-profit/voluntary sector.

The ECAP defines capacity building as the process of developing the knowledge, skill and ability to make and implement decisions in a manner that achieves effective and efficient results at the individual, organizational and sector level.

Funding through the ECAP focuses on strengthening the non-profit/voluntary sector in areas such as leadership, operational management, adaptive capacity, collaboration, financial sustainability and evaluation.


Applicants must have a primary mandate and proven ability to:

  • Build the capacity of other non-profit organizations in Alberta.
  • Strengthen and advance the capacity of Alberta’s non-profit/voluntary sector as a whole.
  • Build capacity for effective volunteerism in the broader community.


Organizations and community non-profit organizations who are registered (and in good standing) under one of the Acts as outlined in the ECAP Guidelines.

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