Community (Local) Economic Development


Alberta's Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs) developed out of a need to stimulate long-term economic development and growth strategies in Alberta's rural and urban communities.

About the REDAs

REDAs in Alberta are autonomous grassroots-based non-profit organizations comprised of member communities and regional stakeholders that work together to foster business development and prosperity in a defined geographic area. This collaboration and cooperation enables members and stakeholders to undertake projects that they could not necessarily do on their own.

Alberta Economic Development, Trade and Tourism fosters and supports development of REDAs in Alberta through its Entrepreneurship and Regional Development Branch Offices. These efforts are coordinated through the Entrepreneurship and Regional Development Branch head office, located in Edmonton.

Through its advisory and facilitation role, Economic Development, Trade and Tourism ensures the provincial government is supportive of regional economic development. Alberta Economic Development, Trade and Tourism's Entrepreneurship and Regional Development Branch takes a proactive role to meet with community leaders and potential partners to educate, engage and raise awareness of the REDAs.

REDA Profiles