Tools & References

Tools and References contains resources to help Alberta's communities build a strong, sustainable economy and quality of life.

Business Retention and Expansion (BRE)

A customizable BRE fact sheet (2) and PowerPoint presentation (3) provide an overview of BRE initiative benefits for your community. A directory (4) of other programs, resources and services is also available.

Access and download the customizable BRE Fact Sheet.

Click below to download a customizable PowerPoint that presents an overview of what a BRE program is, why to implement one, key components and how to turn analysis into action in your community.

An inventory of external and Government of Alberta BRE-related learning resources, programs and services available to Alberta's economic development practitioners. Note: some resources are now outdated.

Data Sets

The dashboard compiles the Alberta economy's most important indicators for businesses in one place. Get a quick snapshot of our current economic state or explore each indicator in more detail. - See more at:

Find forecasts, facts and statistics on Alberta’s economy and demographics.

An inventory of private and public sector projects in Alberta valued at $5 million or greater.


ABFI offers valuable programs, services, and advice

Information and resources about doing business in Alberta and moving to Alberta.

The Board Development Program (BDP) focuses on improving governance of nonprofit organizations

This toolkit provides Governance information for non-profit organization governed by a small board of directors and pursue more specific aims.

Economic Developers Alberta is helping your competitive advantage by offering a variety of courses designed to deliver information on the best practices and established tools you can use to help your region thrive.

Access programs and services, such as company directories, research, statistics and a Canadian Importers database.

Industry experts speak about the challenges and opportunities faced by Alberta industries.


This guide represents the findings and advice from practitioners and community members.

Business Vitality Alberta (BVA) is an easy-to-use tool designed to help you maximize your community’s business and economic vitality. BVA show you to solidly build a healthy community, support entrepreneurs and foster small business growth.

Community Development facilitators design and deliver services to strengthen your organization or group

The Investment Readiness Toolkit will assist communities to identify investment readiness gaps, develop new or improved economic development processes and expand capacity for communities to attract, receive and successfully explore investment opportunities.

This report summarizes the literature on Performance Measurement in Economic Development to help economic developers create their own metrics.

Visitor Friendly Alberta: A Guide to Welcoming Tourists to your Community has the activities and worksheets needed to guide your working group through the process of seeing your community through visitors' eyes and developing an action plan to address ways to improve visitor friendliness.

This toolkit helps communities and community leaders assess possible projects for renewable energy.

This toolkit helps communities understand and screen renewable energy projects.

The Prairie Canada Future Game is highly interactive and allows participants to tackle the challenges of economic and community development in a fun and engaging manner.

A resource developed by Alberta Treasury Board and Enterprise to help establish and develop non-profit organizations and community economic development organizations. Find information on how to incorporate as a non-profit organization; how to develop appropriate strategic and operational plans; how to hire, monitor and evaluate staff, and more.

As the cost of installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems falls, communities across Alberta are looking to “go solar” for the benefit of community members — residents, businesses, non-profits and public institutions. The Solar-Friendly Municipalities Toolkit provides municipalities with information to: •install solar PV systems on their own facilities •reduce permitting and tax barriers to solar PV installations in their communities, thus enabling economic development opportunities •engage community members on the benefits of producing power locally Municipalities are uniquely positioned to lead because of the close relationship they have with their citizens, and the direct responsibility they have to ensure the sustainability, health, and liveability of their jurisdictions. This role is increasingly recognized with many cities leading the way on climate change action around the world.

Tailored to small communities, TVA allows municipalities to quickly assess strengths and weaknesses in tourism in seven key areas, determine action steps to strategically improve tourism, and access resources to further this important economic development opportunity.

For the implementation of alternate transportation for seniors in Alberta

This guide helps communities turn strategic plans into economic development initiatives.

The toolkit is organized into three general sections - learning about broadband, thinking about broadband, and planning broadband.

Find ways to enhance your community’s visual appeal, signage, visitor services and amenities.

These webpages provide ideas, information and resources to support municipalities who want to embrace diversity.